Finally: A Progress Report!

I’ve wanted to do this since Friday, so I’m finally writing it up :)  I technically don’t have any time left for work today, but I’m making an exception just so that this whole thing actually gets started!

Over the past few days, I’ve been working on the task list for Areum, as well as designing the new movement system.  Specifically, I’ve been working on the list of tasks that I need to finish before IfThen Software can release version 0.1.0 of the 1st Real Level Prototype of Areum.

2014-09-01 17.14.56

Boy, there’s more to do than I thought!  D:  Pictured here are the features (index cards), tasks (sticky notes), and the design for the new movement system.  There is also another page of designs under the one shown, for different networking and login related tasks.

To give a quick overview, I have to do the following:

  • New Movement System (designed to reduce the effect of latency)
  • Login Prompt
  • Misc. Informational Screens (for example: “the server is offline”, “the game is too crowded”, etc.)
  • Walking Animations
  • Security Improvements

In total, there is about 12 hours worth of work to be done.  But that’s ideal work hours which means that it will probably take a little longer since it is impossible to work at 100% efficiency.  Currently, I’m looking to have these finished by the end of the week.

Note that these are all things *I* need to complete: Jake, who normally handles content related tasks, has already finished all of the work he needs to do for this first release. So, I am feeling slightly swamped o_o  I’m just recovering from a cold as well, which didn’t help productivity at all.  Back in full swing now though!

Livestreaming Areum Gamedev!

As some of you may already know, we have started work on Areum again!  Today marks the 4th day of pre-production so far, and things are going well :)

I’ve decided to livestream the work we are doing today! You can tune in using the widget below. If you want to participate in the live chatroom, visit the following link and register/login to your account if you haven’t already. Hope to see you there!

Watch live video from InvisibleMan6 on